Social Media Is Changing Marketing, Again

I’ve been waiting for the official announcement of Facebook WiFi for a while. When developing a digital strategy, I’m on the lookout for opportunities to connect the online customer experience to the offline one. I discovered Facebook Wifi back in January when it was a Hackathon project developed by their engineering team.

Difficulty is Certain

Difficulty Is Certain

Have you ever had something not go as planned? If you’re human, I’m sure you have. Whether it is business or personal, we all face difficulty in life. It is a universal truth. Doesn’t matter your social status, how much or how little money you have, or even what country you live in.

Social Media Audit

Audit Your Social Media

Your business has a Facebook page. Maybe even a Twitter and Linkedin account. You’re posting updates but are stretched for time and don’t really know what’s next. You’ve heard everyone raving that social media can connect you to your customers but what does that look like?

McDonalds Canada

McDonalds Bid To Be Healthy

McDonalds Canada recently undertook a gutsy PR campaign to disprove some stereotypes about their food. In a bold move, they made any question available for answer via the website Our Food. Your Questions. Nothing is off-the-table, from “what’s in your meat” to “why do your burgers look different than the commercials.” I was surprised by the honesty shown by such […]


Brand Self-Awareness

Insight on decision making is valuable… particularly for brands. Working with multiple clients, I love to find hidden their strengths, and, inevitably, weaknesses are uncovered as well. A common one that has interested me lately is the correlation between how busy an organization seems and the time it takes for decisions to be made. You would think busy organizations […]